Our programs focus on the whole child — their physical, spiritual, social, emotional, and cognitive growth.  Daily observation of children by teachers is a vital feature of our classrooms.  Development of social skills, physical skills, character development, and academics is monitored and documented.  We hope to foster a positive attitude toward learning by providing a variety of interesting activities that challenge and pique the young child’s curiosity and intellect.  Children are encouraged to choose these activities independently according to their interests. Their self-esteem is supported by their success with the materials and encouragement from peers and staff.  With more challenging activities, their concentration span increases and they can focus on a chosen task for a longer time and with more depth. Cooperative learning is encouraged in our mixed-age groups with children working and learning together. Everyone has a deep respect for others and the classroom environment.


Our programs serve mixed age groups.  This grouping of children aged three through six provides an opportunity for children to learn from each other.  Older children model activities and behavior that younger children observe and internalize.  Cooperation, compassion, patience, and a feeling of accomplishment develop for the teaching child.  Joy of learning, acceptance by peers, intellectual stimulation, cooperation, and self-confidence develop for the learning child.