Harvest Program

Harvest Program

Welcome to Beverly Montessori School’s Harvest Program!  The Harvest Program is an ongoing fundraising program.  Each school family is required to accumulate $250 in credit by purchasing gift cards/certificates for their own use.  These gift cards are offered by national and local retailers.  Our school purchases these gift cards at a discounted rate (the rate varies by retailer so you will need to refer to the order form for specific details), and then resells them to our families at face value.  The difference (the discount) goes towards your $250 requirement.  Once a family has fulfilled their $250 obligation, the amount earned over your $250 is awarded as a tuition credit to the family!  Each school family also has the option of paying the $250 upfront and declining participation in Harvest.

CLICK HERE FOR THE: BMS Harvest program overview

Sample Order

$100 County Fair @ 5% = $5 $25 CVS @ 6% = $1.50
$20 Park Cleaners @ 10% = $2 $20 Barraco’s Pizza @ 10% = $2
$50 Speedway @ 4% = $2
$10 Dunkin’ Donuts @ 4% = .40 Total Generated = $12.90

An order generating $12.90 per week over 52 weeks in the year totals $670.80.  Here is what it means to your family:  $670.80 – $250 obligation = $420.80 is applied to your child’s tuition in the form of a credit

We have compiled a list of questions and answers for you that should address any concerns you may have:

How can I purchase gift cards/certificates?

Orders for certificates are taken twice a month during the school year and monthly during the summer.  All orders are due at the school by 12:30p.m. on Wednesday and will be ready for pick-up the following Wednesday or sooner if available.  Orders need to be prepaid.  Checks and credit cards are accepted.  In addition to the bi-monthly orders, we carry a supply of select certificates in stock at school.  These can be purchased on a cash and carry basis.  To purchase these certificates please complete a Stock order form, available in the office, send the form and payment with your child, and the certificates will be sent to you at dismissal time.

What format will my gift cards/certificates come in?

The majority of the companies who participate in the Harvest program issue gift cards just like you receive when you purchase a gift card in a retail store or restaurant.  There are a few companies such as Amazon.com, KFC, etc. that still issue paper gift certificates.  Many of our local merchants also issue gift cards.  However, Rainbow, Park Cleaners, Garden Cleaners, etc. still issue paper gift certificates.

What happens if I make a purchase with my gift cards/certificates and it doesn’t exhaust the total denomination placed on these?

If you make a purchase with a gift card, the balance left after your purchase will remain on the gift card.  For example, if you go to the movies using your AMC movie card and begin with a denomination of $25 but spend only $20 your card will be left with a $5 balance.  Most companies outline the beginning denomination as well as the existing balance on the receipt they give you when you complete your transaction.  Harvest users have found that keeping these receipts wrapped around their cards until the next use makes an easy way to track your balance.  Some users write the value left on the back of the card using a “Sharpie” marker and track it that way.  Many of the local merchants will simply give you cash back as long as the cash owed does not exceed more than a few dollars.

How will I know how much I have earned through the Harvest Program?

The Harvest coordinators enter your order information into a software system used to track all Harvest purchases.  If you fail to earn $250 in purchases, you will have to write a check for the difference as the $250 is required.  You must fulfill your responsibility by April 30th each school year.

If I exceed the $250 requirement how do I apply my tuition credit to Beverly Montessori School?

Tuition credits will be applied to your May 15th payment.

Who do I contact if I have questions about the Harvest Program?

Questions on purchases/special orders
Erin Ross – 779.8772

Questions on account balance/tuition credit
Amy Berglind – 239-7635

The program is open to everyone, not just BMS families.  Anyone (grandparents, aunts, uncles, and neighbors) is welcome to place orders.  When someone else orders, they can give you credit by writing your child’s name on the order form.