Harvest Program

Harvest Program

Welcome to Beverly Montessori School’s Harvest Program! The Harvest Program is an ongoing fundraising program for the school. Each school family is required to accumulate $300 in credit by purchasing gift cards for their own use (or $150 for families that start in the second semester). These gift cards are offered by national and local retailers. Our school purchases these gift cards at a discounted rate (the rate varies by retailer) and then resells them to our families at face value using an online system (details below). The difference (savings) goes towards your $300 requirement. Once a family has fulfilled their $300 obligation, the amount earned over your $300 is awarded as a tuition credit which is applied to the last tuition payment of the year. Each family also has the option of paying the $300 upfront and declining participation in the Harvest Program. 

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions with answers that should address any concerns you may have:

CLICK HERE FOR THE: BMS Harvest program overview

Sample Order

$100 County Fair @ 5% = $5  $25 CVS @ 6% = $1.50 
$20 Chipotle @ 10% = $2 $20 Barraco’s Pizza @ 10% = $2
$50 Speedway @ 4% = $2 $50 Pappy’s @ 5% = $2.50
$10 Dunkin’ Donuts @ 3% = .30 
Total Spent = $275.00
Total Earnings Generated Toward Harvest Obligation = $15.30 

An order generating $15.30 per week over 52 weeks in the year totals $795.60. Here is what that means to your family: $795.60 – $300 obligation = $495.60 applied to your child’s tuition in the form of a credit!

We have compiled a list of questions and answers for you that should address any concerns you may have:
When can I start earning? 

The earning period is from May 1st through April 30th. Families can begin earning at any time during this period. 

Who can participate and earn for my family? 

The program is open to everyone, not just BMS families. Anyone (grandparents, aunts, uncles, and neighbors) is welcome to place orders on your family’s behalf. To ensure that your family gets credit for their earnings, they will need to set up an online account (see below) and then email our Harvest coordinator () to inform her who they want to receive credit for their earnings. 

Families can also create an account and decide to donate their earnings directly to Beverly Montessori School. 

How do I get started purchasing gift cards? 

We are pleased to offer a more convenient way for families to participate in the Harvest program. Families will submit BMS Harvest orders online by placing an order for cards through the mobile app, RaiseRight, found in the app store, or at https://www.raiseright.com/. 

Each family who chooses to participate must establish an account. 

By participating in the online ordering program, you agree that any charges or penalties incurred due to insufficient funds are the responsibility of the family purchasing the gift cards. Further, access to online ordering will be suspended if tuition payments are not current. 

Here are the instructions to enroll: 

  1. Go to raiseright.com and select “Join a Program”
  2. You will be prompted to enter BMS’s enrollment code which is B9419894334L 
  3. You will then be able to create your user name and complete the registration page 
  4. If you have any difficulty getting set up online, please contact Raise Right customer service at 1-800-727-4715 and choose option 3. 
How do I place an order? 

All ordering is done online or through the app. (see above instructions) 

See this link for the full list and the percentage that they pay back https://www.raiseright.com/brands. This is found in the app as well. We may occasionally offer gift cards from various local retailers in stock at the school for faster order-filling. 

For physical gift cards, orders take about 5 days from the day you order for you to receive them. 

Your order will be sent home with your child (or arrange a pick-up with Erin Ross during the summer months). New families earning before their child starts school will be contacted by the office and can pick up their orders at the school. 

If you prefer to have your order mailed directly to you, you may purchase directly from Raise Right and have the cards mailed to you for a nominal fee. RaiseRight also occasionally offers free shipping to your home address.

Orders need to be prepaid. The online ordering system allows for easy bank account payments for a small fee per order.

You may also order online for an immediate gift card using what is called the Raise Right e-gift card option. For example, if I was at Walmart and decided to purchase something I can log onto my account and purchase a gift card that is available within minutes. I simply show my phone to the cashier, they scan it, and that’s it. Another example is if I was shopping on Amazon- before checking out, I could log onto my account and purchase a gift card that is available a few minutes later, then copy the e-gift card number and paste it into my Amazon account at checkout to apply to that order. Not all retailers participate in e-gift cards, but most do and the amount that do is growing. 

How do I earn during the summer months? 

During the summer months, you can still earn! 

To have orders delivered directly to your home or to receive e-gift cards, follow the same process as above. 

To place your orders with no fee, you will follow the same process and contact Erin Ross by email: for pick-up arrangements. She manages our Harvest program and is very accommodating and flexible. If you are having trouble reaching her by email, she can also be reached by phone/text at 773-415-8778. 

Feel free to contact the school office as well if you require further assistance, but keep in mind that the staff has shortened office hours during the summer months so there may be a delay in responding. 

How will I know how much I have earned through the Harvest Program? 

Your order information is saved in the online system. There is an option to run a report to view your total earnings for any custom dates, via the website under the Family Functions menu item. There is also a history of each purchase you make and the corresponding earnings on the app and website. You may also contact the school to obtain your earnings amount. 

If you fail to earn $300 in purchases (or $150 for families that start in the second semester), you will pay in May for the difference, as the $300 is required. You must fulfill your responsibility by April 30th of each school year. 

If I exceed the $300 requirement how do I apply my tuition credit to Beverly Montessori School? 

Tuition credits will be applied to your May tuition payment. 

Who do I contact if I have questions about the Harvest Program? 

Questions about purchases/special orders – Erin Ross – 773-415-8778 or . 

Questions about account balance/tuition credit/stock orders – Rachael Hernandez – 773-239-7635 or .