I ran into friends of ours this weekend who were talking about preschool and asking me about my experience and so I was going on and on about how much I love Beverly Montessori School — I ultimately told them that our girls have just found it to be a place where they are respected, nurtured, allowed to be independent, and loved for who they are. Then, I happened across this article and it made me immediately think of Beverly Montessori – this article is written from a parenting perspective, but the words, I believe, are the type of words I hear when I am at Beverly Montessori and most certainly the intentions of the teachers and staff.  We are so thankful that Beverly Montessori is here in Beverly, we are thankful for the commitment of the teachers and staff, and we are thankful that we were wise enough to choose it for our girls.  – Parent of Beverly Montessori

“I will wait for you.”
“Take your time.”
“You make my day better.”
I say those words to my slow-moving, happy-go-lucky, Noticer of life child.
I watch as grateful eyes light up and tiny shoulders relax.
Those words are Soul-Building Words to her.

“Mistakes mean you are learning.”
“It doesn’t have to be perfect.”
“Okay, you can have a few more minutes to work on your project.”
I say those words to my driven, contentious planner and pursuer of dreams child.
I watch as pressure escapes from her chest and aspirations soar higher.
Those words are Confidence-Boosting Words to her.

“I appreciate you.”
“I’m listening.”
“You matter.”
I say those words to my hard-working, often underappreciated love of my life.
I watch as tensions loosen, eyes meet, and conversation comes easier.
Those words are Affirming and Connective Words to him.

“It’s good enough for today.”
“Be kind to yourself.”
“Today matters more than yesterday.”
I say those words to my own perfection-seeking, worrisome heart that tends to replay past mistakes.
I watch as my clenched hands open and tears fall as scars come to the surface.
Those are Healing, Hope-Filled Words to me.

By: Rachel Macy Stafford


Montessori can be a life-changing environment if you embrace it. I love the individual bonds that are formed between teachers and students. Also, the confidence that the children gain as a result of learning to do things on their own carries over into every other aspect of their lives. — Rachael & Jimmy Hernandez (Parents of a Current Student and Graduates)

Beverly Montessori School has instilled creativity, responsibility, and self-discipline in our children, providing them an independence they will take with them forever. — Mike Moran
Father of Mary Rita, Richard, and Peter