Current Families

What a Great Year!

The school year has come to an end and what a wonderful year it has been!  I would like to thank all of our families for their continued support and generosity. The strength and support of our school community makes Beverly Montessori School such an amazing place to work and learn!

A special thanks to those who have contributed to our school this year – assisting and organizing our school events, volunteering for reading table in our classrooms, planning and organizing our annual school fundraiser, attending school events, supporting our school in countless ways and providing us with resources to do what we dream and know is good for children. We are truly grateful!

I hope your summer is filled with play, exploration, and lots of time spent outdoors. Enjoy this time with your family and see you next fall!





All of our staff can be reached at school at 773-239-7635 or by email at:

Kelley Ciraulo, Head of School—

Amy Berglind, Business Manager—

Linda Bailey, Academic Advisor—

Ting Ting Branit, East Room Directress –

Thelma McCauley, Southwest Room Directress AM –

Nancy Schwartz, Southwest Rom Directress PM –

Allison Potter, Fireplace Room Directress-

 Whoever touches the life of the child touches
the most sensitive point of a whole which has roots in the
most distant past and climbs toward the infinite future.
—Maria Montessori